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Get a Supreme Detail On Your Vehicle, With Up to 10% OFF

Offering up to 10% OFF on your next detail

Our Supreme Shine Full Auto Detail will help you preserve the aesthetic look of your vehicle, plus you will feel a personal joy and enjoyment while driving it around town.

For any responsible vehicle owner, detailing services are crucial in maintaining the look and integrity of your vehicle. From regular use, both the interior and exterior of your vehicle can see wear and tear, but reconditioning services can help restore your vehicle to like-new status. Using products to treat stains, dirt, grime and other issues that give your vehicle a worn look, Supreme Shine Auto Reconditioning can tackle. Learn more about each of our interior and exterior conditioning services available to our clients in Orange County.

Auto Detailing

Target both the interior and exterior of your vehicle with full reconditioning services from Supreme Shine Auto Reconditioning. In a process that takes 5-8 hours, your whole vehicle gets the star treatment, resulting in a good-as-new look. When you combine the two services together, we offer a 10% discount on services!

Services We Offer

The founder of Supreme Shine Auto has over twenty years of experience serving Orange County, CA. We are a professional auto detailing company serving the most prestigious dealerships in OC such as Fletcher Jones from Newport Beach. We also help individual car enthusiasts with detailing services. Our most demanded services are both the interior and exterior detailing in Orange, CA. 

Our auto detailing process consists of cleaning, restoring its original appearance both inside and out. Our most common services are the interior and exterior detailing which will go in detail to share with you our detailing process. 

Supreme Shine Detailing Packages

The interior detailing process involves a deep interior cleaning of the vehicle. We start by cleaning the seats, carpets, floor mats, dashboard, door panels, along with other necessary areas depending on the vehicle. Our interior service includes vacuuming, brushing and removing any stains, and if necessary steam cleaning to remove unwelcoming appearance. 

The exterior detailing process involved cleaning and restoring the exterior of the vehicle by working on exterior, wheels, tires, windows and trim if necessary. Depending on your vehicle package it will include washing, drying, thorough clay bar treatment, polishing, and waxing. The goal is to bring your vehicle’s original gloss appearance by removing any exterior contaminants.

Over the twenty years of experience we have improved our interior and exterior auto detailing techniques which has allowed us to have a great reputation with both prestigious dealerships and car enthusiasts. 

If you need a high quality auto detailing service, please fill out the form at the bottom of the page. 

Auto detailing products we use

We are top of the line auto detailing products to achieve great results for our clients. Our most popular products we use are the labos cosmetica, mafra, along with ceramic pro products. Here’s a layout of our newly set up shop displaying some of our most popular and used detailing products. 

Supreme Shine Auto Shop in Orange, CA

Auto Detailing Prices

Supreme Shine offer two packages which I will be explaining in more detail: the Supreme Standard package starting at $299 and the Ultimate Shine Detail starting at $499. 

Supreme Standard Detail starting at $299

The Supreme Standard detail includes both the interior and exterior detail. For the interior we provide a complete and thorough vacuuming approach, upholstery cleaning and carpet cleaning, the leather of your vehicle will receive a thorough cleaning and conditioning. The exterior includes an eco-friendly hand wash, clary decontamination treatment, and smooth as glass paint finish wax protectant with nanotechnology, clean and dress all vinyl plastic trim, clean and protect wheels, super black lustrous tires, and streak free crystal clear glass. 

*Price does vary depending on your vehicle's size.

Ultimate Shine Detail starting at $499

The ultimate includes everything from the interior and exterior Supreme Standard Detail plus thorough vacuum on every hard to reach areas, ultra plush upholstery and carpet cleaning using steam, deodorize and freshen up.For the exterior, we provide a swirl free and high gloss paint reflection, 2-stage paint polish to brighten up the color and rejuvenate the paint finish. In addition, we provide a 6-month poly blended wax paint protectant with nanotechnology. Please contact us for a personalized quote. 

*Price does vary depending on your vehicle's size. 

Get a quote for your next detail

Get a quote for your next professional auto detailing service today. Our Supreme shine detailers will help you restore your vehicle’s original appearance through our standard and ultimate detail packages. Fill out the form at the bottom of the page for your next auto detail. 

Other services We Offer

In addition to offering full detailing, our detailing expert specialize in the following services: paint correction and clear bra, expert buffing, polishing, and window tinting.

Our paint protection process includes the following steps to ensure your vehicle’s paint is well taken care of. The first step in the patin correction is to assess the vehicle’s paint to find any imperfections. In our shop we have all of the special equipment necessary to look at the most subtle imperfections. Once we have identified the paint’s imperfection we proceed to wash and decontaminate the paint to remove dirt and other contaminants. 

A clay bar treatment is used on top of what the regular wash wasn’t able to remove. Once we have removed any hard to get contaminants, we then proceed with compound and polishing of the paint to remove the thin layer of paint that basically helps reduce the visibility of the imperfections. We then proceed with inspecting and refining any remaining issues on the paint, and then add the ceramic coating that will protect the paint from future damage and improve the vehicle’s appearance. 

You can also learn more about our paint correction and ceramic services if you are looking for something customized for your vehicle. 

Ceramic Pro Installer in Orange County

Ceramic Pro Orange County installer

Spanish speaking auto detailers

Supreme shine auto speak fluent english and spanish, so if you have any questions feel free to reach out. 

En Supreme Shine Auto hablamos inglés y español con fluidez, así que si tienes alguna pregunta, no dudes en comunicarte con nosotros.

What makes our Auto Detailing services better than the competition?

Our Supreme Shine auto team does over 100 details per month since we work both with individual car enthusiasts and well known dealerships in Orange County. Over the years we have improved our training process for every detailer specialists who undergo extensive training to ensure top quality results. With over twenty years of experience, our detailing company uses high end equipment to ensure the best possible results which continues to set us apart from other detailers in Orange County. 

For any questions, or quotes please fill out the form below at the bottom of the page. 

Frequently asked questions:

How much should I spend on a car detail? 

Our auto detailing packages range between $299 to the high end Ultimate Shine package of $499. For more details, please scroll up and learn more about our packages. For a customized quote, please fill out the form below. 

Is professional car detailing worth it? 

A professional detail is definitely worth it for your vehicle. It will improve your vehicle's appearance making it look and feel like new. It is great to make a great first impression. In addition, detailing your vehicle consistently only ensures the protection from environmental factors such as UV rays, acid rain, and bird dropping. 

Auto detailing gift certificates or auto detailing gift card? 

We only provide gift certificates or gift cards during a specific period of the year, for any questions give us a call or fill out the form below. 

Can car detailing remove smoke smell? 

Yes, it can remove the smoke smell. Your vehicle will require a comprehensive interior detailing to neutralize the odor using special products. For a quote, please fill out the link below. 

Auto detailing oxidation removal?

Yes, an auto detailing does remove any oxidation. The process includes removing the oxidized layer from the paint to wash and decontaminate the vehicle, do a clay car treatment, polish the paint to remove the thin layer of oxidized layer of paint, and finally add the paint sealant or ceramic coating. 

Can car detailing fix paint chips?

Our auto detailing services do remove minor paint imperfections such as paint chips, swirl marks, and oxidation. However, if the paint chip is too deep or a paint correction might be recommended.  

Can car detailing remove stains?

Of course, car detailing does remove stains. Our both auto detailing packages will be able to help you. 

Key Features

Experience a fresh and spotless interior so that your enjoy it while driving and maintain it's value.

Get Leather cleaning and conditioning so that you enjoy the long-lasting elegance of your vehicle!

The use of Clay Bar will remove the added contamination of dirt, grime and other particles bonded to surface paint

Our Wax Protection will revive your vehicle's shine for an extended period of time

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