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Our Supreme Shine Ceramic coating will help you protect your vehicle's paint and providing long-lasting results that wax and sealant can't match. Plus it will protect your vehicle from harsh elements on the road. If you want your paint to be durable and resistant to UV rays, scratches and dirt then ceramic coating is the way to go.

There are three main issues new detailers constantly do wrong when applying ceramic coating to vehicles, which I will be covering in detail. These issues are: Not fully preparing the vehicle’s surface, not properly applying the right amount of ceramic coating which is less effective, and not giving the protective layer the time needed to properly cure. In this page, I will be covering everything about ceramic coating so that you are aware if your detailer is doing what is required when adding ceramic coating to your vehicle. 

Most vehicle owners assume that when their vehicle is looking dirty, washing their car is the best way to handle it. Although cleaning can be beneficial, over time your paint can lose its gloss, exposing the raw paint to the elements which then promotes rapid decomposition. Ceramic Coating can help restore the gloss finish on your vehicle and help prevent your paint from fading. Supreme Shine Auto Reconditioning provides ceramic coating services to give your car the fresh, clean look it deserves!

What is Ceramic Coating?

First, let me explain what ceramic coating is. Ceramic coating is a protective layer applied to the paint of your vehicle that creates an additional layer and protects the paint from any damage (such as scratches, UV rays, oxidation, swirl marks, and fading). Besides adding a protection layer to your vehicle, ceramic coating is ideal to enhance the appearance of your vehicle over the years. The benefit about ceramic coating is that you don’t have to do a ceramic coat every week like a regular detail, the ceramic coating can last for several years before it is reapplied. 

Labos Cosmetica: Best Ceramic Coating for 2023

Supreme Shine auto uses Labos Cosmetica for our ceramic coating jobs. Labos Cosmetica specializes in professional grade ceramic coating products for vehicles. Supreme Shine is one of the only professional installers in the Orange County area. 

Benefits of Ceramic Coating

There are many benefits of ceramic coating when applied to your vehicle. Let me go ahead and explain the many benefits of ceramic coating:

Repels water (also known as hydrophobic)

  • We use Labos Cosmetica products because they contain an ingredient that repels water from forming in your vehicle’s paint. This typically means that water and dirt are less likely to stick, making it simpler to clean the vehicle. 

Say Goodbye to Mud & Dirt

  • As mentioned above, the Labos Cosmetica’s ceramic coat product has a specific ingredient that repels any type of liquid from sticking in your vehicle’s surface. When the protective layer is applied, it creates a smooth and non-sticky layer that makes it difficult for any mud or first adding up on the surface of your vehicle.  

Ultimate protection against UV rays and Oxidation

  • These two common forms of protection are important to the longevity appearance of your vehicle. The Labos Cosmetica contains nanoparticles that create a hard, protective layer that prevents your vehicle from both UV rays damaging the layers of the paint and oxidation, which cause the paint to lose its shine over time. 

Long Lasting protection before reapplied

  • Unlike a general detailing job, the ceramic coat will last years before being reapplied. That is one of the biggest benefits.

New level of appearance

  • The ceramic coating layer not only provides an additional layer of protection but also a high gloss finish that restores the vehicle’s look. 

Overall, the main emphasis is “protection” on your vehicle’s paint. Now that you understand the benefits of ceramic coating, let’s now expand on some of the disadvantages of ceramic coating. 

Disadvantages of Ceramic Coating

Here are some of the disadvantages of ceramic coating to consider.

Can be expensive

  • In other words, you get what you pay for. A ceramic coating job is expensive due to the fact the detailer needs to know how to apply the ceramic coat. A lack of experience can actually damage the paint which in return will be more expensive. (what else can we add) 

Detailers must apply correctly

  • The detailer you hire to get this job done must have the experience and knowledge necessary to apply the ceramic coat pr. Supreme Shine works with both individual car enthusiasts and dealerships in Orange County (such as Fletcher Jones, Mazda of Orange, along with others) and the biggest reason we get ceramic coating jobs is due to the lack of knowledge when it comes to applying the coat to the paint’s surface. 

Limited protection

  • Although a ceramic coat adds a layer of protection to the vehicle’s surface, keep in mind that it is not completely scratch or damage proof. The layer provided by the ceramic coating protects against small and minor scratches, swirl marks and other environmental factors. However, it will not protect against major dings or scratches.  

Differences between ceramic coating vs Wax

Durability and price are the main differences between ceramic coating and wax. Now that you are aware of what a ceramic coating is, let’s go into more detail about how wax is applied and how it differs. Remember, it is not necessary to be a professional to apply wax to a vehicle. Here’s what the process looks like when waxing a vehicle: Wash the car properly, choose the right wax for the type of paint of the vehicle, apply wax and let dry, buff the wax with a clean microfiber towel, and repeat the process until the wax is applied to the entire vehicle. 

The application of wax is a lot simpler when compared to a ceramic coat. Now, let’s cover  how to apply the ceramic coating to a car. 

How to Apply Ceramic Coating?

The application of the ceramic coating is important to ensure we have a successful finish.  

Properly Washing & Drying Before Applying Ceramic Coat

  • This is an essential first step to ensure the ceramic coat is a success. There is a high level of detail to washing and removing accumulated dirt or debris on the surface of the car. Supreme Shine uses a specific technique to ensure we are not leaving any scratches on the paint. The drying process is as important as the washing. The goal is to prevent leaving any water spots, and gently drying the surface of the vehicle. 

Surface Preparation is the Key to a Perfect Finish

  • Properly washing and drying is part of the surface preparation before applying the ceramic coat. The additional step in ceramic coating is the usage of a clay bar to ensure we are removing any embedded dirt or debris that washing alone may not remove. Additionally, polishing is an additional step to remove any imperfections on the paint to create a smooth and even surface for the ceramic coat to properly work.   

Application of Ceramic Coating is the Secret for a Flawless Finish Every Time

  • The application of the ceramic coating is the secret for an amazing finish. This step alone is the most important one, which many inexperienced detailers overlook. Our application method using Labos Cosmetica is flawless because make sure to follow the preparation and application exactly every time. To make sure we don’t miss any spots, we apply the coat in circular motions and focus on a particular area at a time. The key is to add the right amount of the ceramic coat to create an even surface and to avoid any unnecessary buildup. After applying the coat in the entire vehicle, we must wait for the coat to cure, which could take hours. 

Allow the Coating to Cure for a Long-Lasting Ceramic Coating

  • The application of the coat and the waiting for the coat to dry are the most important two steps in the ceramic process.   

Buff the Surface for the Final Touch

  • The last and final step is to buff the coating and to remove any residue or smudges. By doing this, the ceramic coat will have an even surface and a glossy finish.

Maintenance is the Key to Keep your Car Looking Like New 

  • Maintenance is essential for the appearance of the vehicle. Here are some of the additional things we recommend to ensure the ceramic coat is taken care of: Regular washing, use a pH-neutral shampoo, check vehicle regularly for any signs of the coating wearing thing or scratched, avoid any direct sunlight or any extreme temperatures, for long lasting we recommend you to park your vehicle inside a car garage, and lastly it is a good idea to apply a ceramic coating booster periodically.

Frequently Asked Questions: 

Is ceramic coating good for your car? 

  • Yes, it is good for your car as it will protect it from UV rays, oxidation, water spots, scratch resistance, easy to maintain the paint, and appearance.

What is the downside to ceramic coating? 

  • The only downside for ceramic coating is the cost and limited protection. Please refer back to our section above.

How long does a ceramic coating last? 

  • The ceramic coat can last up to several years depending on the ceramic coat product your detailer uses. Please reach out to us to ensure we meet your needs.

 How much does it cost to put a ceramic coat on a car? 

  • The cost can vary depending on the type of ceramic coat product applied to your vehicle. They range from $500 to high $4000.

What are the benefits of ceramic coating?

  • As mentioned above, the benefits of ceramic coating is the added extra layer of protection to the surface of the vehicle. It will protect the paint from: V rays, oxidation, water spots, and scratch.

Do you do Tesla ceramic coatings? 

  • Yes, we do all types of make and models. To get a free estimate please fill out the form below.

Why Use Ceramic Coating?

  • Although the coating process takes professional application time it does in fact make the car easier to clean protecting it from most scratches, dirt and dust particles. Its glossy and radiant finish over shines wax making it highly cost effective compared to PPF (paint Protection Film). Additionally the chemical composition of the coatings and its key ingredient being SiO2 takes the professional look from sand, quartz crystals, and silica to a truly “just-out-of-the-showroom shine”.

What Ceramic Coating Prevents?

Road salt damage

Bug splatter damage

Tree sap damage


Minor scratches

Sun swirls and other UV ray damages

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