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Our Supreme Shine paint correction will help you remove your vehicle's paint surface imperfections like, swirl marks, and scratches. Over time your vehicle's paint becomes dull due to the constant exposure of sun. The goal of paint protection is to help you remove those imperfections and restore the original color paint.

What Does Paint Correction Do?

Finding an experienced professional to do a paint correction job correctly is the biggest issue car owners face. A paint correction professional needs specialized equipment, techniques, and thorough understanding of paint types to complete a job successfully. Here at Supreme Shine, we work with dealerships and car enthusiasts, and one of the main issues we encounter is a poor detailing job by newbie detailers. A poor paint correction results in paint damage.

Our vehicles can face damages from both long-term use or outer damage that gives our vehicle the appearance of chipped or worn paint. If you’re a proud vehicle owner, you’ll want to cover up any rusting or mismatched coloring, but finding a detailer that can accurately correct paint with your existing color. Supreme Shine Auto Reconditioning of Orange, CA, is our areas preferred detailer for vehicle paint correction. No matter the make, model or color, we can  restore your vehicle to its original, glossy look look.

What is Paint Correction? 

With paint protection, we scrape off a very thin layer of the paint’s clear coat which removes any imperfections and flaws on the vehicle’s paint. A well-performed paint protection job does take time as it is a meticulous process. Once the paint is corrected, the vehicle’s surface should feel smooth with a glossy appearance. 

How to Tell if You Need Paint Correction on Your Car

Here’s how you can tell if you need paint correction done on your vehicle. Your vehicle’s paint can be any of the following: Swirl marks, Scratches on the surface, Water spots, and Buffer Marks. 

Swirling or Scratches: When drying your vehicle with an abrasive towel, you may find evidence of swirling, or small scratches o the exterior of your car. Scratches and swirling can be easily fixed with paint correction.

Oxidation and Fading: Due to UV rays, and carbon dioxide damage, your paint will naturally begin to fade. Restore the original, glossy look your vehicle once had with paint correction.

Bird Dropping Etchings: Bird droppings have corrosive components in them that can easily eat away at your paint on your vehicle. Don’t let nasty birds cause permanent damage to your vehicles paint.

Water Spot Damage: Surprisingly, water contains trace amounts of acid that can cause damage to the paint of your vehicle. Treat the paint and eliminate the damage with paint correction.

Stage 1: Wash, followed by a Clay Bar 

Washing a car to remove accumulated dirt or debris from a vehicle’s surface requires a great attention to detail. Using a clay bar as an additional step in the ceramic coating process ensures that any embedded dirt or debris that was not removed from washing, is now removed. Additionally, polishing smoothes out the paint flaws and creates an even smooth surface for the ceramic coat to properly work.

Stage 2: Wet sanding to level surface

Wet sanding is the primary method we use to smooth the surface. This procedure guarantees that the vehicle’s paint will be even. 

Stage 3: Buffing and polishing

Both Buffing and Polishing are an extra step to remove any imperfections on the paint. In addition to wet sanding, buffing and polishing removes any leftover residue or smudges. This results in a glossy finish.  

Stage 4: Adding sealing & coating

A sealing and ceramic coating that shields the paint from UV rays, acid rain, water spots, and scratches completes the paint protection process. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Paint Correction Remove the Clear coat?

  • No, it doesn’t remove the clear coat, however it does remove a very fine layer of the clear coat on the vehicle’s paint. That’s why a paint correction job must be done by a professional to avoid removing any underlying paint. 

Is Polishing Needed Prior to Applying a Ceramic Coating?

  • Yes, polishing is a must to ensure the vehicle surface is smooth and even before applying the ceramic coat. In addition to polishing, Supreme Shine ensures to remove any additional scratches using a clay bar or wet sanding. 

What Should You Use to Protect Your Vehicle from Future Damage?

  • To protect your vehicle from any future minor scratches, water spots, UV rays, and oxidation you should first do a paint correction and then ceramic coating. You can get a free estimate by filling out the form at the bottom of the page. 

What does a paint correction do?

  • As mentioned at the beginning of this page - Paint correction removes any imperfection and defects from the vehicle’s paint by removing a very fine layer of the paint’s clear coat.

What are the 4 stages of paint correction?

  • Supreme Shine follows the following four stages for a perfect paint correction: 1) Wash & Add Clay Bar 2) Wet Sanding to level the paint surface 3) Buffing & polishing and 4) Add Sealing & coating. 

Does paint correction fix deep scratches?

  • Yes, paint correction does fix deep scratches. Of course, it does depend on how damaged the paint is. Overall, a paint protection job will fix the scratches on your vehicle’s paint. 

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